Thursday, 11 January 2018

Corner Unit For Modular Kitchen.

The most important part of a modular kitchen is accessories used in it. If we talk about L shape modular kitchen, U shape modular kitchen there are always 1 or 2 corner in it. The basic way to do utilize a corner is by using wooden shelves but in that case half of the corner unit is not approachable.
To make full use of it there are different accessories available now a days like D corner unit, S corner unit, magic corner unit and C tray corner unit.
The picture shown is of S-corner unit, it is the modern form of corner unit and it makes full use of the corner as it comes out from the corner in the shape of 'S'.It has two trays in the shape of 'S' that is why it is known as S corner unit.The approximate cost of one corner unit is around Rs 24,500/-.

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