Tuesday, 3 July 2018

L shape Modular Kitchen

Kitchen comes in many sizes &shapes like U shape modular kitchen , l shape modular kitchen , parallel modular kitchen , island modular kitchen.
The picture shown here is L shape modular kitchen with wooden and white laminate finish. L shape modular kitchen has one corner in it, we can utilize this corner by using accessories like S corner unit or magic corner unit instead of using wooden shelves. A modular kitchen becomes modular when we uses modern accessories in them.In this kitchen we have used lift up for upper cabinets instead of common wooden shutters. In lower cabinets we have used innotech drawers and cargo drawer system along with two wicker baskets.

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Tuesday, 20 March 2018


Shape of a modular kitchen can be pre decided at the time of construction. If you have a small family then you can go for l-shape modular kitchen and if family size or use of kitchen is more then you can go for U-shape modular kitchen or Island modular kitchen.

Color choice and selection varies from person to person.

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Tuesday, 13 February 2018

L shape modular kitchen.

Planning a kitchen is very tedious job some times. You have to create space for various accessories used in a kitchen. In this kitchen we have used wooden shade and white color laminates.
We have placed an island with size 8ft X 4ft. Accessories used in this kitchen are S-corner , pantry unit , lift ups, innotech drawers , cutlery tray , dish rack.

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Thursday, 1 February 2018

Difference between an architect and interior designer?

People are often confused about the working and qualification of an architect and an interior designer.
But there is a huge difference in the working of these two professionals. Following are the few steps which will help you in differentiating these two.

* An architect designs the whole structure of a building including it's interior and exterior, where as an interior designer designs the look and style of a home including color schemes, furniture style, space planning.

* An architect creates electric and plumbing plan for a home, where as an interior designer plan lighting scheme or plan for the home.

*In some cases an architect provides floor plan also, where as an interior designer has to select everything for the interior of a home like material for flooring, design for ceiling, choosing fabric for curtains, choosing furniture style.

*An architect do not provides any thing related to color scheme, where as an interior designer has to choose color scheme and he/she has to play with colors to give lively hood to a home.

We hope these points will help you in understanding the difference between there two professionals.

Book my Interior is a professional interior designing company.

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Monday, 29 January 2018

Wall Decor and Decoration.

Wall decoration can be done in many ways .
The most common ways of doing it is by using wallpaper on a particular wall or by using texture paint with different pattern or by hanging wall paintings of your choice on it.
But if you are looking for something different and unique then there are many elements available like Mother of pearl.
Mother of pearl is available in 4-5 shades most of the shades are in light colors. You can use this material on a particular wall which you want to high light or wall which you want to decor. You can give small focus lights on this wall to give it more impressive look.
Since mother of pearl is quite expensive and you are looking for quire cheaper thing then you can choose natural stone tile. These natural stone tiles comes in many different colors and patterns and the starting price range is from Rs 250/- per sq.feet.
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Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Wall Treatment.

We often get confused about how to decorate walls of our bedroom , living room, kids room or office room. The most basic way to do it is just go for wall paints,but they don't give you that grace which you are exactly looking for if we talk in terms of Interior Designing.
Second option is to go for texture paint. But there is also restriction with the designs as most of the companies works with limited design available in their catalogue.
Third option is to go for wallpapers. There are numerous design available like damask , geometrical , floral , plain, self textured and they comes in variety of colors which one can choose accordingly .
But one should keep in mind to choose wallpaper for one wall of a room which they want to highlight.Applying same wallpaper on all 4 walls will give a cramped look and it will irritate you after 2-3 months. If you are choosing self textured wallpaper then you can apply them on 1 or more walls as they appears to be neutral in looks. Moreover it is very easy to install wallpaper and is less time consuming as compare to paint and texture.

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Thursday, 11 January 2018

Corner Unit For Modular Kitchen.

The most important part of a modular kitchen is accessories used in it. If we talk about L shape modular kitchen, U shape modular kitchen there are always 1 or 2 corner in it. The basic way to do utilize a corner is by using wooden shelves but in that case half of the corner unit is not approachable.
To make full use of it there are different accessories available now a days like D corner unit, S corner unit, magic corner unit and C tray corner unit.
The picture shown is of S-corner unit, it is the modern form of corner unit and it makes full use of the corner as it comes out from the corner in the shape of 'S'.It has two trays in the shape of 'S' that is why it is known as S corner unit.The approximate cost of one corner unit is around Rs 24,500/-.

Book my Interior design and manufacture modular kitchens for its clients located in cities like Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula , Delhi , Gurgaon/Gurugram , Noida , Jammu , Amritsar , Patiala , Ludhiana , Karnal. We take 25-30 days to manufacture a modular kitchen unit and 2-3 days for installing purpose.
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Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Luxurious look with Brass.

Since the inception of term Interior Designing many materials have been used in home interiors as well as commercial interiors to enhancing their look and feel. But the most loving and luxurious material available to the interior designer is Brass. Brass comes into play in 1980's where it was used to give luxurious impact in french style interior but with time brass has been used in many different forms like light fixtures , center/ side tables for living room and bedroom, book shelves , railing and as wall decor also.
Brass is considered to be quite expensive material but it can be used in numerous forms depending upon the creativity of an Interior Designer. Brass when clubbed with white color for interior decoration purpose, it give very royal look to the overall interior design of a place. We can use brass for railing purpose and light fixtures to give little glittery touch to make a bedroom, living room very catchy.
Using brass in Kitchen and wardrobes is also a very good idea. Adding brass strips to the shutters and using brass nobs and handles gives a royal touch to the modular kitchen and wardrobe.
Durability and versatility of brass is unmatchable.

Book my Interior is serving it's clients with innovative interior designing ideas in cities like Chandigarh , Delhi , Mohali , Gurugram/gurgaon, Noida , Ludhiana , Jalandhar , Jammu , Patiala , Amritsar , Mumbai , Bengaluru , Panchkula since last 3 years.
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Sunday, 7 January 2018

JANUARY -- The month of colors and fire.

January is the first month of a year and it begins in India with a lot of celebrations. Gurupurab comes in the month of January, lorhi comes on 13 January and republic day comes on 26 January.
Gurupurab and Lorhi are two festivals which are mostly associated with Punjab region of India and celebrated through out India, where are Republic day is a day of pride for whole of India.

Lorhi is generally associate with fire, dance, popcorn, peanuts and chilling days. Republic day is associated with nationality and patriotism . Our flag has four color in it and they are green , saffron, white and blue. So, it is very exciting and interesting to decorate our home in these colors to give a colorful welcome to the new year and to feel patriotic through out the year.
For decoration your home,you can choose curtains , cushions in saffron, white and green color. This will give a touch of tricolor to your home.
Bonfire is also a good ides for this month as it is a main part in the celebrations of lorhi in cities like Chandigarh, Delhi, Gurgaon/Gurugram , Amritsar , Jalandhar, Patiala and other cities of North India.
Going green is also a good and innovative idea, you can go for vertical garden for your home . Choose and exterior or interior wall which you want to highlight and go for vertical garden on it. This will last for a long period and will give a soothing impact to your home and it is a good ides for big cities to go for vertical gardens.

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Thursday, 4 January 2018

Kids Room Interior.

In today's world kids are very demanding about everything be it their toys or games or their room. This demanding style comes from so much of exposure we have given them to the outer world. So, it's every parents duty and wish to listen to positive demands of their kids and if they are demanding for a designer interior for their room then this blog will help you in doing that.
While designing a kids room we should keep few things in minds like color selection & combination, space planning & management and selection of layout for bed,study unit and for toys.

COLOR SELECTION is very vital part for kids room interior because colors can inspire,aspire and motivate your kids. So also prefer to go will bright and bold colors to keep then energetic and to keep them always on toes.
SPACE PLANNING should be done with a lot of intelligence in mind keeping nature of kids in mind.Keeps love to roam here and there all day, they keep playing with their toys so it is very important to give them ample space to move with in a room.We should keep in mind to have a proper adjustment for bed , study table and a unit for toy storage.

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Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Modular Kitchen Design.

Kitchen is the most prominent part of a home and it's design matters a lot to the whole interior design of your home. Modular Kitchen design can vary from modern design to classic design.
The design shown in the picture is French style modular kitchen. In all kitchens the car case design and style is same,the difference in the look is created and given by it's shutters.
In French style Modular Kitchen and wardrobe,the shutter finish is given with Duco paint. While in modern style the shutter finish can be done with laminations , Duco paint, Polish , lacquer paint.
Asseccories used in both kitchens are some.
We prefer innotech drawers over cargo steel baskets now a days because of the durability and finish.
All channels and hinges used should soft close to make kitchen less noisy.
We can use lift ups in upper boxes and shutters can be done with glass also to give little open look to the Modular Kitchen.
We have many options for counter top like granite, corian , composite marble , quartz . This choice depends on the budget of the client.

Book My Interior design and manufacture Modular kitchen for it's clients located in cities like Chandigarh , Panchkula , Mohali , Delhi , Gurgaon/Gurugram , Noida , Jammu , Karnal , Patiala , Amritsar , Jalandhar , NCR and all other major cities of  North India.For budget and pricing of modular kitchen you can contact us.

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False Ceiling for Residential and Commercial Properties.

Ceiling design is one of the prominent part when we talk about the interiors of a home or bedroom or living room. If false ceiling design is done in the tone of the room interiors then it gives a very impressive look to the overall look of the interior design of the room. Ceiling design is created by architect and interior designer where as it is executed by a specialized team.
False ceiling is mostly done with two material i.e. plaster of Paris or Gypsum board. Plaster of Paris is costlier as compared to gypsum board ceiling and it also take more time to execute plaster of Paris work as compared to gypsum work.Gypsum board come in shape of rectangular board with size 5feet X 4 feet. False ceiling can be created  in bedroom , living room, kids room, office , puja room , modular kitchen. We can give lights as per our requirement . 

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Monday, 1 January 2018

Foyer area Designing.

Foyer is the main point of a home , it is the first and foremost point of the home when a person enters the home. If it is designed and decorated properly it gives a impressive impact to the home interiors.
We can carry a theme for the designing of a home from the foyr are to the bedroom , living room and to the other areas of the home. If the foyer area is atleast 7 feet wide then we can place a designer console at the entrance point along with designer mirror to give a luxurious feels. Flase ceiling cam also be done with mirror in that case to give the open impact to the place. Walls of the foyer area can also be decorated with natural stone and teak wood pattern to give a warmth impact.

Book my interior is an interior designing / decoration company in Chandigarh.
We have enthusiast interior designer / designers with us who strives to give a unique design to every home we design.

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