Saturday, 20 June 2015

Design Styles.

Design Styles

Traditional or Classic design is considered to be timeless. Quality craftsmanship is one of the key elements of traditional styling. Period furniture, luxurious fabrics and rich colors coalesce, creating an elegant and formal ambience that never goes out of style.

Country style can range from American country, English country to French country. They all combine the components of a relaxed rustic environment, a feeling of tranquility. Vintage antiques and charming accessories also combined with perennial favorites like old quilts and stenciling in soft muted hues, all transforming a house to a warm, cozy and comfortable home.

Contemporary or Modern design is considered to be the Zeitgeist of style. It’s sleek, stark, and spacious with angular and geometric lines. Modernists create a cool, clean, sculpted look. Contemporary style is simple and refined using color schemes for their effect rather than their coordination.

Eclectic style is self-defining because it enriches itself from varied sources. Eclectic mixes and integrates old and new, creating a vibrant, layered look that varies from room to room. Eclectic is an orchestra of color, textures, patterns, fabrics, all incorporated into one unique and individualistic style.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

What we offer?

We have seen that the life of people living in the well interior designed building remains cheerful. Interior designs are meant to be loved, not to be understood, and we feel it strongly, therefore we have been successfully running this business for many years without a single grievance. We hand out all types’ interior designing ranging from residential interior, corporate interior and commercial interior, and since establishment, we have served numerous reputed firms from the field of hospitals, hotel industry, educational institutes, and corporate sector. There are following reasons to choose our interior designs.
High Quality Resource:-
Being the experienced in the field of interior designing, we understand our responsibility and we use high quality material. Moreover, we are having the team skilled interior designers.
Creative and Technical :-
As you all know, interior designing is the blend of creativity and technique. Therefore, we like to keep everything under one roof so that our customers need not to go anywhere.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

About us. is an online portal which aims at providing best consultancy service to it's viewers and customers.We provide consultancy and we also provide implementation of our designs to your space.We have a team of very innovative peoples because we believe that good designs comes from creativity and innovations.

An interior designer is like a doctor to your residential or commercial property.He/she can guide it's clients regarding the color combination,material selection and many more things.
P.No:-082 83 82 9905

Monday, 8 June 2015