Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Is it wise to get my modular kitchen done by a carpenter?

No,it is not wise at all to hire a carpenter from your modular kitchen now a days.
Carpenters are not equipped with proper tools and knowledge to make a proper modular kitchen.A carpenter can make a modern kitchen but  he can not make a modular kitchen.Modular kitchen consist of many different modules getting assembled in your kitchen.
Carpenters do not quality and do not follow any ethical code for making modular kitchen.A kitchen is considered to be modular if designer or manufacturer makes full use of the available space keeping utility in the mind.
As a customer, you should always contact some one professional for your modular kitchen work.When a professional works with you,he will first take the measurement of your kitchen.After taking measurement a 2-D outlay of the kitchen will be prepared keeping size of the accessories and drawers in mind to make the full use of available space.Once this is done,that professional will work on converting that 2-D into 3-D and while making 3-D design he will keep in mind all the color combinations in mind to enhance the look of your kitchen.After completing this process the final stage of work will start,which is the manufacturing part.
While manufacturing all wood work like cutting of the wood,laminate pasting, edge covering is done with machines which are specially made for this work only.In modular kitchen there is no work done with nails as carpenter use to do.So in case if you want to replace a module after 4-5 years you can do it very easily,where as in case of carpenter kitchen,nails are used to fix the wood work which makes it impossible to replace.

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Factors deciding the cost of a Modular Kitchen.

If you are looking to get a modular kitchen from your home,then you might be confused about the pricing of the kitchen. Here we are going to share cost deciding factors for a modular kitchen.

1) Size of the Kitchen:- The first and foremost factor to decide the cost is size of the kitchen. Price is directly related to the size of the kitchen.Every square feet increase/decrease in the size will take the price up or down.

2) Material for Shutter and Car-case :- Most commonly used product for this purpose is ply, mdf, hdf, pvc. Out of all these product,engineered wood(ply,which is water proof and termite proof) is most suitable for modular kitchens to give them long lasting life.

3) Laminate for the shutters :- There are many laminate options available in the market like duco paint, lacquer paint, high gloss laminates(mica). All these laminate options comes with a different price tag.

4) Choice of accessories and appliances :- Accessories includes your inner mechanism for drawer system like wire baskets or innotech drawer system and appliances includes gas hob,chimney,microwave,dish washer etc. Their cost depends on the brand you choose for your kitchen.

5) Choice of counter top :- Counter top is also a very important cost deciding factor.Starting from granite(which is cheapest of all options),you have other option like corian top, composite marble top.You can choose these things as per your budget.

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Friday, 23 December 2016

Frequently asked Question regarding Interior designing/designers.


Q = Who is a interior designer and what he/she can offer to us?
A = Interior designer is a person having his expertise in designing a particular space with aim in mind        to make it look beautiful and purposeful.

Q = Hiring an Interior Designer is a costly affair?
A = No,this is a myth. In fact,hiring an interior designer can save you time and money because of the        proper knowledge of latest trends going on in the market and he/she can guide you better about            the material selection according to your budget and need.A good designer can help you to get              extra discount on the various products for your home depending on his/her capability.

Q = Do we need to hire both architect and interior designer for building a new home?
A = Yes,you need to hire both because these two are totally different fields.Architect cannot work as           a designer and interior designer cannot work as an architect. One can be either a good architect           or a good interior designer because of the difference in  the prospect of these two fields.

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