Friday, 3 March 2017

How to curb pollution with a style?

When ever we think of summers the only thing that comes to our mind is rising temperature and heat.
With every single minute and day,population is increasing and with increasing population we need more space to built homes and shops.To attain this we are cutting the trees with out thinking about the climate.More the population more is the need to transportation also.Now a days thousands of new cars are entering our roads everyday.With these cars,buses,trucks population increases and causes many diseases. To curb pollution forest is the only source which can can reduce the impact of pollution and helps in maintaining ecological balance.
But with the increasing demand of residential and commercial areas people are cutting these forest for their personal benefits.We think the best way to curb this issue is to plant trees vertically on the walls of the buildings.It should me mandatory for all government buildings to plant such vertical gardens on their walls and government should take positive steps to promote it in to the private residential areas also.The average cost of setting vertical garden is around Rs900/- per square feet,but if government provide some subsidy to the people then it will be a good move towards making earth green once again.