Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Bar Unit.

In this blog Book my Interior is going to showcase a bar unit for home.
To design a bar for home we have to identify space where we want to place it.Because some prefers to keep it in private area where as some want it to be in balcony section.
This particular bar unit we have designed is for big living areas.It will be placed on a corner to give it a private space.The platform of this unit will be 4 inches above the floor and the platform is having wooden floor on it.The side wall of this unit is different look with stripes of wood and mirror.
Mirror plays a very important role while designing a bar because it gives luxurious feel.Back of this bar unit is also made up of glass where as sides of this unit are made up of small cut pieces of glass.
Counter top is made up of white marble sheet with lighting effect inside it to give it a glowing effect.
Below this counter top we have given space for small fridge unit.Roof is also decorated with glass pieces and bar glass hangers.Size of this bar unit is 7 feet x 4 feet .                   

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Thursday, 8 September 2016

Living Room.

Many times if the area of living room is less we get confused about designing and decorating it.In such rooms we have got only walls to decorate,because floor cannot be used for placement of extra decorative items.Colors selected for the walls and fabric should be a combination of neutral and bold colors.
In this living room,we  have kept our prime focus on the two walls.Sitting arrangement we have selected for this room is 3+2+2 with two tables instead of a single center table.
Normally people do plaster of Paris designing on the upwards of the wall but here we have decided to do it from the lower side of the wall.Lighting effect is also in upward direction. To keep it a differentiate look center of the wall is kept wooden without any lighting effect on or from it.On this wooden pattern we have used a steel cutting to give it a rich look.On the both side of this wooden arrangement we have used wallpaper of the same tone color.

On the second wall we have given a different wooden pattern with lights inside it.
While designing it is very important  to keep in mind how to utilize the wall space.Once you mater this art then designing will be a different art for you.

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