Tuesday, 13 February 2018

L shape modular kitchen.

Planning a kitchen is very tedious job some times. You have to create space for various accessories used in a kitchen. In this kitchen we have used wooden shade and white color laminates.
We have placed an island with size 8ft X 4ft. Accessories used in this kitchen are S-corner , pantry unit , lift ups, innotech drawers , cutlery tray , dish rack.

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Thursday, 1 February 2018

Difference between an architect and interior designer?

People are often confused about the working and qualification of an architect and an interior designer.
But there is a huge difference in the working of these two professionals. Following are the few steps which will help you in differentiating these two.

* An architect designs the whole structure of a building including it's interior and exterior, where as an interior designer designs the look and style of a home including color schemes, furniture style, space planning.

* An architect creates electric and plumbing plan for a home, where as an interior designer plan lighting scheme or plan for the home.

*In some cases an architect provides floor plan also, where as an interior designer has to select everything for the interior of a home like material for flooring, design for ceiling, choosing fabric for curtains, choosing furniture style.

*An architect do not provides any thing related to color scheme, where as an interior designer has to choose color scheme and he/she has to play with colors to give lively hood to a home.

We hope these points will help you in understanding the difference between there two professionals.

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