Tuesday, 30 August 2016


Today we are going to present you crockery cum wardrobe unit.This type of storage is very helpful in small flats where there is storage problem. In this arrangement we have given small wardrobe unit on the left side,beneath it there are drawer system and along side them there are three shutters.This L-Shape arrangement is for your storage purpose.Drawers can be made up of wood or we can use innotech functionality in them to make them modern.
There are four shutters on the wall,two shutters have glass opening while other two have wooden shutters.
Size of this wardrobe is 7ft  X 9ft. Look of the shutters vary according to the choice of laminate we choose.Matt and glossy look,these are two looks which are most commonly prefered by the clients. Mica, Vineere,teak polish can be used to give them different look.

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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Royal Kitchen.

Experimenting with the colors is an art and Book My Interior is a master f this art.We keep on experimenting with the colors to make them unique and vibrant.
After presenting many kitchens with teak shade and solid colors,today we are presenting kitchen in Royal Blue color.This color gives a very bold and unique look to the kitchen because this color is used by the clients who are looking for different color and who are ready for experimenting new color shades.
The size of this kitchen is 12 feet and it is straight in shape. In this kitchen we have used 24 inches gas hob,24 inches chimney, a 2 feet flour trolley, 2 feet sink,2 feet dish rack,6 inches bottle unit and 6 inches masala pull out.
In this kitchen we have kept side walls free for decorative purpose.

It's upto to your designer how he/she will help in decorating your kitchen. You can also place fridge in the kitchen as it has enough space inside it.

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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Modern Kitchen.

When it comes to designing, Book My Interior is always a step ahead of others. Beautification of the interiors goes hand in hand with the utility.
In the above kitchen,the colors of the kitchen selected are very traditional kind, teak and white color.Most of the people like this combination.In this kitchen wood work is also provided on the top portion of the chimney to give extra storage apace.

Instead of a tall unit we have used a aluminium shutter unit in this kitchen and we have given provision for wicker basket inside it.Wooden boxes are also placed on the space above fridge.
With the requirement of clients and with the on going trend,we have also given a provision for breakfast counter.
On the wall area between the boxes,we have used digital printed glass to give it a modern and unique look. Although this glass work can cost you around Rs 1000/- per square feet,which is on the costlier side as compared to the tiles.
You can also use this breakfast counter as bar table.

Book My Interior takes full care of it's clients in cities like Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali, Ludhiana, Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad and all other major cities of North India.People looking for interior designer/decorator or modular kitchen can contact us.

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Sunday, 14 August 2016

Modular Kitchen Delight.

Hello to all readers.
Today we are presenting you a modular kitchen with light tone colors.Light tone colors are always long lasting and have soothing impact.In this kitchen,we have clubbed white high gloss color laminate with oak wood color. 
The size of this kitchen is small,approximate 10ft X 7ft. We have used a 24 inches gas hob and same size chimney in the kitchen.Similarly, dish rack size is also 2 feet in this kitchen.

Microwave unit is placed on the opposite side of the gas side. Besides this microwave unit we have placed pantry unit also.Size of this pantry unit and microwave unit is 7 feet.
You can use wooden shade or white tiles on the wall to give a soothing look and impact to the  kitchen.
Kitchen's look can be enhanced a lot with the selection of handles. Starting range for the handles is Rs 150/- and goes up to Rs 3000/-.

Book my Interior is a prime name in interior designing industry.We have a large base of clients in cities like Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula, Gurgaon, Delhi, Faridabad and all other major cities of North India.

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Friday, 12 August 2016

Small Bedroom.

Today we are going to discuss the bedroom,which is the one of the most important part of home.
With the growing trend of flat systems in many cities like Chandigarh, Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, builders are playing with the sizes of the flats in order to make them budget friendly. Price increases/decreases with the size of the property.
This techniques has decreased the size of the rooms in most of the cases. People are forced to accommodate wardrobe,lcd panel, study area all in one room,which is very tough to accommodate.
In the above picture we have tried to decorate one full wall which we got behind the bed.

Keeping the importance of lights and dim light in the room and the height of roof(which is approx 9 feet in modern flats),we have chosen a very simple design for ceiling keeping in mind the placement of cope light.
Back wall is done with wooden cladding to give a differentiate look to the wall and for specifying the bed area,On the side wall under the a.c. we have given a provision for study table also which is fold able.This is done to give room a spacious look instead of covering ground area with tables and chairs.
To decorate the back wall of bed we can use painting but our choice is to place a piece of carved teak wood to give a luxurious feel.
Thanks for reading,if you people have any question or suggestion in mind then don't hesitate to write us.

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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Interior designing Concept.

Book My Interior is an Interior Designing company formed with a sole aim to make people understand the concept of designing and the importance of hiring an Interior Designing to make your home beautiful and more purposeful.We will help you in understanding this concept more effectively.
Book my Interior has dedicated designing team for interior designing, modular kitchen, commercial property designing.

INTERIOR DESIGNING :- Interior designing is related to make your simple four wall room beautiful and purposeful. A designer understands and study the dimensions,shape of the room properly and then comes out with an idea of placement of different elements in the room along with the color schemes for the walls,furniture and upholstery. Moreover, interior designer will guide you about the placement of  decorative items in the room.It takes 4-5 days to prepare the blue print for a room to be designed and after the you can start work for it.

MODULAR KITCHEN :- Interior designer will also help in designing your modular kitchen.Kitchen accessories comes in different sizes and functionality.So,it is necessary to understand the functionality of the accessories first before installing them in kitchen.An interior designer has all necessary knowledge about these accessories and hence it will be helpful for you to consult and interior designer.

Hiring a professional for designing your home will not only save your time but it also helps you in cutting your extra and unnecessary expenses.In addition to this, you also comes to know about the latest trends going on in the market with out wasting any time.

Book My Interior has a group of Interior designers handling many clients in cities like Chandigarh,Mohali,Panchkula,Ludhiana,Gurgaon, New Delhi,Faridabad, Noida. People looking for interior designer/designing services and modular kitchen services in these cities can contact us.

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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Purple and mauve Kitchen.

Book My Interior always keep on innovating and experimenting with the looks and finish of modular kitchens.Earlier we have shared kitchens with combinations of light and bold colors giving very different look to the kitchen.
Today we are presenting a kitchen with purple and mauve color having full utility of the space.We have used an aluminium shutter,tall pantry unit,wicker baskets,microwave oven,O.T.G and drawer systems.

Kitchen is not for cooking purpose only,here we have given a space between oven unit and tall pantry unit for decorative purpose.
Lighting is also very important part from decorating point of view.Lighting along side of skertting give a very glowing impact to the kitchen floor.

You can also utilize the space over fridge area for making storage boxes.If your budget allows you then you can also use 1-2 lift ups in the boxes adjoining chimney.

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Designer Walls.

Looks of a home or commercial property depends a lot on the walls of that area. If walls are properly occupied and designed then the whole interior concept will look good and appealing. Basic ways of wall designing is by texturing,combination of different colors, using wallpapers and now a days many designers are going by very innovative ways like using wood on the wall for covering or using M.D.F cutting designs on the wall to give a bright and attractive effect along with lights.

Designing depends on the budget of the client,texture paint can cost us from Rs 50 to Rs 60/- per square feet, simple paint cost us Rs 18 to Rs 22/- per square feet.
If we are planning for wallpapers,then we should know that wallpapers are not suitable on the walls where there is water leakage problem.The average cost of wall paper varies from Rs 50 to Rs 80/- per square feet but most of the wallpapers available in the market are imported which means their is no particular brand for wallpapers,but now a days Green lam has introduced it's wallpaper in the market which are quite expensive,their starting range is from Rs 150/- feet,So clients can choose these wallpapers according to their budget.
Most of us will be familiar with a material mother of pearl,earlier on washbasins were used made up of this material but as time advances and budget increases people are using mother of pearl on the walls for designing purpose.It comes in many colors like white,brown and off white colors.The average cost of doing mother of pearl on the wall comes around Rs 2000 to 2500/- per square,which is quite expensive but very exclusive.
If your interior designer is capable enough then he/she can play with the P.O.P work on the wall also along with the lighting arrangement.

You can contact Book My Interior if you are looking for interior designer/design services in Chandigarh,Mohali,Panchkula,Ludhiana, New delhi, Gurgaon.

You can also visit  https://www.instagram.com/bookmyinterior/ for designer photo gallery.

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Friday, 5 August 2016

Changing Taste.

Experimenting with the style always brings a new and different thing with bold and new look.Gone are the days when kitchens were in white or brown color.New generation designers are going for bold and  bright colors with a ease.
In the above listed modular kitchen we have used Orange color with white laminate,while designing this kitchen we have also tried black laminates instead of white to see how it will look.

Black color laminates gives a very strong and authentic to the kitchen because of it's nature.Although if the size of kitchen is small then we don't recommend you to use black color on a large scale because it will give you a cramped look and feel.Try to use printed glass or mdf painted sheets in stead of tiles on the wall  to give it an exclusive look.
Minimum breadth of the drawers in a modular kitchen should be 1.5 feet because lesser size than this will not help you in storage purpose properly.
Marble,tiles is generally used for flooring but you can go for wooden laminated floor for kitchen also as it is very easy and maintenance free.You can wipe it will wet cloth when cleaning it.

Thanks for reading and following.  

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Yellow Kitchen.

Kitchen now a days are not for cooking purpose only,they are being looked as a fashion statement by playing with the color combinations and shape of the kitchen.
Color selection depends on the taste of the person/client. Solid,bold,bright there are many shades and textures available now a days.If we are going for simple laminate look there are many shades in wooden texture also which are ever green for the kitchen. While choosing two different color shades for the kitchen prefer to go for bright/dark shade on the lower boxes and go for light color shades on the upper boxes along with slight glass touch also.Tall unit/pantry unit will be in the color tone of lower boxes,because of it's height it will merge with upper boxes and their it will compliment the color of upper boxes also.
Wall color also plays a very important role in enhancing kitchens look. Most commonly used material for wall is tiles but now a lot of interior designers are going with digital printed glass option with colorful look.Laminated option can vary from simple laminate door to lacquer paint to duco paint to PU polish.This selection depends on the budget of the client.
Minimum range of modular kitchen starts from Rs 1,50,000/-.
https://www.instagram.com/bookmyinterior/ click on this link to view different style of designs and designing.

You can contact Book My Interior for interior design/designer services,modular kitchen services,furniture design services.We take special care of our clients need and requirements.
We provide our services in many cities like Chandigarh,Mohali, Panchkula, Gurgaon,Ludhiana,Delhi,Faridabad,Noida,Amritsar and all other major cities of north India.

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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Dream home.

Everyone dreams about a dream home and it really possible to get a dream home now a days with the decor and designed accessories available in market and online. Many online portal are selling accessories related to kitchen,bed room,living room online at very reasonable prices.
First step to get a dream home is to hire a good and knowledgeable architect and interior designer.
Many times we confuse architect with interior designer and vice versa. Both the professionals work in totally different manner. Architect creates the drawing of structure, interior designer fill it's inner and outer space with his/her creativity and skills.
Architect will analyse your plot size and shape keeping many minute points in mind,if you believe in Vastu Shastra then you should consult a professional in the beginning also.Architect will divide and create a blue print of the plot on which home/commercial property is to be constructed.All measurements related to the plot should be taken in proper manner keeping every inch and mm in mind because every single inch will create a huge difference in the final structure.
Client should tell all their need to the architect in the beginning like number of rooms required,size of the kitchen required(small,medium,big),requirement of basement in home and all other things if they have any such thing in mind.

Once the blue print is ready the construction work will start immediately. At the time when construction work is done then the role of Interior Designer comes into play.Interior designer creates the blue print for inner area like ceiling,wall designing,floor planning,kitchen designing,fabric selection. It will take few days to design interior, as soon as designing is done  you can start with the work also.Now a days most of the interior designers have knowledge about vastu shastra also.

We at Book My Interior takes care of our client requirements from structure to interiors. People looking for interior designer/deign services in Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula, Gurgaon, Ludhiana and all other cities of north India can contact us.

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