Thursday, 4 January 2018

Kids Room Interior.

In today's world kids are very demanding about everything be it their toys or games or their room. This demanding style comes from so much of exposure we have given them to the outer world. So, it's every parents duty and wish to listen to positive demands of their kids and if they are demanding for a designer interior for their room then this blog will help you in doing that.
While designing a kids room we should keep few things in minds like color selection & combination, space planning & management and selection of layout for bed,study unit and for toys.

COLOR SELECTION is very vital part for kids room interior because colors can inspire,aspire and motivate your kids. So also prefer to go will bright and bold colors to keep then energetic and to keep them always on toes.
SPACE PLANNING should be done with a lot of intelligence in mind keeping nature of kids in mind.Keeps love to roam here and there all day, they keep playing with their toys so it is very important to give them ample space to move with in a room.We should keep in mind to have a proper adjustment for bed , study table and a unit for toy storage.

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Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Modular Kitchen Design.

Kitchen is the most prominent part of a home and it's design matters a lot to the whole interior design of your home. Modular Kitchen design can vary from modern design to classic design.
The design shown in the picture is French style modular kitchen. In all kitchens the car case design and style is same,the difference in the look is created and given by it's shutters.
In French style Modular Kitchen and wardrobe,the shutter finish is given with Duco paint. While in modern style the shutter finish can be done with laminations , Duco paint, Polish , lacquer paint.
Asseccories used in both kitchens are some.
We prefer innotech drawers over cargo steel baskets now a days because of the durability and finish.
All channels and hinges used should soft close to make kitchen less noisy.
We can use lift ups in upper boxes and shutters can be done with glass also to give little open look to the Modular Kitchen.
We have many options for counter top like granite, corian , composite marble , quartz . This choice depends on the budget of the client.

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False Ceiling for Residential and Commercial Properties.

Ceiling design is one of the prominent part when we talk about the interiors of a home or bedroom or living room. If false ceiling design is done in the tone of the room interiors then it gives a very impressive look to the overall look of the interior design of the room. Ceiling design is created by architect and interior designer where as it is executed by a specialized team.
False ceiling is mostly done with two material i.e. plaster of Paris or Gypsum board. Plaster of Paris is costlier as compared to gypsum board ceiling and it also take more time to execute plaster of Paris work as compared to gypsum work.Gypsum board come in shape of rectangular board with size 5feet X 4 feet. False ceiling can be created  in bedroom , living room, kids room, office , puja room , modular kitchen. We can give lights as per our requirement . 

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Monday, 1 January 2018

Foyer area Designing.

Foyer is the main point of a home , it is the first and foremost point of the home when a person enters the home. If it is designed and decorated properly it gives a impressive impact to the home interiors.
We can carry a theme for the designing of a home from the foyr are to the bedroom , living room and to the other areas of the home. If the foyer area is atleast 7 feet wide then we can place a designer console at the entrance point along with designer mirror to give a luxurious feels. Flase ceiling cam also be done with mirror in that case to give the open impact to the place. Walls of the foyer area can also be decorated with natural stone and teak wood pattern to give a warmth impact.

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Friday, 3 March 2017

How to curb pollution with a style?

When ever we think of summers the only thing that comes to our mind is rising temperature and heat.
With every single minute and day,population is increasing and with increasing population we need more space to built homes and shops.To attain this we are cutting the trees with out thinking about the climate.More the population more is the need to transportation also.Now a days thousands of new cars are entering our roads everyday.With these cars,buses,trucks population increases and causes many diseases. To curb pollution forest is the only source which can can reduce the impact of pollution and helps in maintaining ecological balance.
But with the increasing demand of residential and commercial areas people are cutting these forest for their personal benefits.We think the best way to curb this issue is to plant trees vertically on the walls of the buildings.It should me mandatory for all government buildings to plant such vertical gardens on their walls and government should take positive steps to promote it in to the private residential areas also.The average cost of setting vertical garden is around Rs900/- per square feet,but if government provide some subsidy to the people then it will be a good move towards making earth green once again.


Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Is it wise to get my modular kitchen done by a carpenter?

No,it is not wise at all to hire a carpenter from your modular kitchen now a days.
Carpenters are not equipped with proper tools and knowledge to make a proper modular kitchen.A carpenter can make a modern kitchen but  he can not make a modular kitchen.Modular kitchen consist of many different modules getting assembled in your kitchen.
Carpenters do not quality and do not follow any ethical code for making modular kitchen.A kitchen is considered to be modular if designer or manufacturer makes full use of the available space keeping utility in the mind.
As a customer, you should always contact some one professional for your modular kitchen work.When a professional works with you,he will first take the measurement of your kitchen.After taking measurement a 2-D outlay of the kitchen will be prepared keeping size of the accessories and drawers in mind to make the full use of available space.Once this is done,that professional will work on converting that 2-D into 3-D and while making 3-D design he will keep in mind all the color combinations in mind to enhance the look of your kitchen.After completing this process the final stage of work will start,which is the manufacturing part.
While manufacturing all wood work like cutting of the wood,laminate pasting, edge covering is done with machines which are specially made for this work only.In modular kitchen there is no work done with nails as carpenter use to do.So in case if you want to replace a module after 4-5 years you can do it very easily,where as in case of carpenter kitchen,nails are used to fix the wood work which makes it impossible to replace.

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Factors deciding the cost of a Modular Kitchen.

If you are looking to get a modular kitchen from your home,then you might be confused about the pricing of the kitchen. Here we are going to share cost deciding factors for a modular kitchen.

1) Size of the Kitchen:- The first and foremost factor to decide the cost is size of the kitchen. Price is directly related to the size of the kitchen.Every square feet increase/decrease in the size will take the price up or down.

2) Material for Shutter and Car-case :- Most commonly used product for this purpose is ply, mdf, hdf, pvc. Out of all these product,engineered wood(ply,which is water proof and termite proof) is most suitable for modular kitchens to give them long lasting life.

3) Laminate for the shutters :- There are many laminate options available in the market like duco paint, lacquer paint, high gloss laminates(mica). All these laminate options comes with a different price tag.

4) Choice of accessories and appliances :- Accessories includes your inner mechanism for drawer system like wire baskets or innotech drawer system and appliances includes gas hob,chimney,microwave,dish washer etc. Their cost depends on the brand you choose for your kitchen.

5) Choice of counter top :- Counter top is also a very important cost deciding factor.Starting from granite(which is cheapest of all options),you have other option like corian top, composite marble top.You can choose these things as per your budget.

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